Missing Persons

Memory Lane : Amber Gerweck

posted: 09/27/12

Found May 4, 2011

In the spring of 2011, 32-year-old Michigan resident Amber Gerweck is busy dividing her time between raising her four children and working full-time on a contract with the Department of Homeland Security. But in mid April, she stops showing up at work.

Police search her apartment, but Amber is nowhere to be found, and the evidence left behind alludes to foul play. Then, only a few hours later, Amber's vehicle is discovered abandoned in a parking lot in Georgia, over six hundred miles away. A surveillance video from the adjacent Dollar General store reveals Amber, walking through the store and purchasing items. Amber appears unharmed, but her parents are terrified -- three days have passed since the video was recorded, and they have heard nothing from their daughter. What has happened to Amber since?

By the end of the first week, Georgia police mount an extensive search through the surrounding area, but they fail to uncover any clues. A number of weeks pass, and the case begins to go cold. Amber's parents are devastated. Then, they receive a phone call that will change everything.

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