Missing Persons

Last Call : Allison Jackson Foy

posted: 09/27/12

Missing since July 30, 2006

Thirty-four-year-old Allison Jackson-Foy has recently moved from Long Island, New York to Wilmington, North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The move has been hard on Allison. She had to leave behind her close-knit extended family in hopes that a new beginning would mend her already turbulent marriage. But, the move only makes matters worse.

Allison is still having marital problems and turns to prescription drugs to help her cope. But just as she seems to be hitting rock bottom, she gets an offer to be an Assistant Manager at a local hotel. Allison is ecstatic about the new opportunity, and can't wait to celebrate. She calls a close friend to meet her at their favorite bar. One drink turns into two and as the evening wears on Allison is no longer sober enough to drive. Her friend has the bartender call a cab.

With last call nearing, Allison walks out the front door and is never seen or heard from again. A family's nightmare begins, but their determination could possibly help investigators unravel the case.

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