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posted: 03/31/14
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Vicki Monroe

For years, the host, a crime psychic medium, has closed cold cases and helped solve high profile investigations. Now she's meeting with the most notorious murderers and delivering messages from the victims they killed in order to answer unanswered questions. Vicki Monroe is the CELL BLOCK PSYCHIC who will help to bring closure to suffering families.

About Vicki

Vicki Monroe is a self described psychic, author, radio, cold case file and paranormal investigator. Vicki has been seeing, hearing, and speaking with spirits since the age of 3. She is considered one of the best Spirit Messengers in the world today. It is her hope to bring peace of mind, understanding, and reassurance that life is never ending, and she does this through her many lectures, tours, book signings, personal, group, and event bookings. You can connect with her at:

Twitter: @vicki1spirit



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