My Brother's Keeper: June 7, 2012

In Springfield, Georgia, the Heidts have built their family's reputation on good old-fashioned Christian values, raising three sons. A shocking 911 call reveals a grisly massacre and unveils a sordid tale of duplicity, desire, and a killer in the family.

In the small town of Springfield, Georgia, Philip and Linda Heidt have raised their three happily married sons on good old-fashioned Christian values. Brothers Craig, Chris, and Carey keep their own broods close to home, where Carey is a partner at patriarch Philip's booming real estate business. In a town that prizes hard work, family tradition, and clean living, the Heidts lead by example as longstanding pillars of the community. But when a secret history of lust and betrayal explodes in the deadly reckoning of a late-night massacre, investigators follow the trail of deceit and desire to a murderer within the family.