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American history is colored with legendary organized crime organization, such as the Genovese and Gambino families. Test your knowledge of famous crime families.

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As one of the first bosses of the Genovese crime family, Charles "Lucky" Luciano was known for his ruthless and shrewd business sense. What aspect of his face also made him notorious?

A scar on his cheek
A droopy eye
An eye patch

... The correct answer is B: A droopy eye: A cut on Luciano's cheek caused his eye to droop permanently. Luciano was fond of inventing tales regarding how he came to receive the injury.


Question 2 of 10

True or False: Luck Luciano was known for his desire to keep Mafia members Sicilian.


... The correct answer is B: False: Though he was himself Sicilian, Luciano wanted to create a multi-ethnic national crime organization.


Question 3 of 10

Who was Lucky Luciano's long-time partner

Bugs Moran
Al Capone
Meyer Lansky
John Gotti

... The correct answer is C, Meyer Lansky: Childhood friends, Lansky and Luciano remained loyal to each other throughout their lives. Together, they formed the Commission, an organization lead by five families that determined the rules of organized crime.


Question 4 of 10

Which famous mobster was named on of Time magazine's "100 Persons of the Century?"

Al Capone
John Gotti
Charles "Lucky" Luciano
Tony Soprano

... The correct answer is C, Charles "Lucky" Luciano: Luciano made the list in the category of "Builders and Titans."


Question 5 of 10

The third head of the Genovese family, Frank Costello was affectionately known by what nickname?

Dapper Don
The Godfather of the Underworld
The Prime Minister of the Underworld
Frankie Baby

... The correct answer is C, The Prime Minister of the Underworld: Under Costello's leadership, the Genovese family enjoyed 20 years of relative peaceand prosperity.


Question 6 of 10

What was the name of the group of hitmen who served as the enforcement agents for the Commission?

Brooklyn Brothers
Bronx Brothers
Murder Inc.
Monsters Inc.

... The correct answer is C, Murder Inc.: Murder Inc. was run by mob leaders such as Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel.


Question 7 of 10

Which mob boss took control of the Commission after orchestrating the arrest of another boss?

Lucky Luciano
Vito Genovese
Al Capone
Carlo Gambino

... The correct answer is D, Carlo Gambino: Gambino worked with Luciano to have Vito Genovese caught with a large shipment of heroin. Genovese was sent to prison. Gambino became known as the "Boss of Bosses."


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The Gambino family was known for forbidding participation in which of the following criminal activities?

Tax evasion

... The answer is A: Narcotics: Any member of the family caught selling drugs was immediately kicked out.


Question 9 of 10

Which Mafia boss was widely believed to be responsible for the brutal slaying of seven men in the infamous Sait Valentine's Day Massacre?

Lucky Luciano
Al Capone
Bugs Moran
Bugsy Siegel

... The correct annswer is B, Al Capone: Police believed that the target of the attack was Bugs Moran, the long-time- rival of Al Capone. Capone was in Florida at the time of the massacre and could not be linked to the crime


Question 10 of 10

Which of the following gangsters allegedly had close ties to President Nixon?

Carlos Marcello
John Gotti
Paul Castellano
Carlo Gambino

... The correct answer is A, Carlos Marcello. Head of the Louisiana crime family, was also suspected of playing a role in the assassination of President Kennedy, though the Warren Commission eventually concluded that there was no evidence to connect Marcello with the crime.


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