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Past Giveaway Winners List

posted: 03/11/14

All DeLong Day Labor Day Giveaway 2018
Deb Mirow of Ft. Worth TX

Premiere New Year 2018

Rick A. of Michigan

Melissa F. of New York

Tammy G. of Florida

Pam G. of Washington

Joy J. of Ohio

Sharon P. of Illinois

Judy G. of South Carolina

Courtney S. of Georgia

Richard S. of New Jersey

A Very Kenda Christmas 2017

Vallerie J. of Maryland

Premiere New Year 2017 Winners

Amy P. of Ohio

Elsy S. of North Carolina

Kelley I. of New York

Maria G. of Illinois

Sasha G. of Alabama

Shauntee S. of Ohio

Wendy S. of Maryland

Thomas V. of New York

A Very Kenda Christmas 2016 Winner

Karen Z. of Arizona

A Very Kenda Christmas Giveaway 2015

Katrina T. of Colorado

Black Friday Watch Til You Drop Giveaway 2015

Naija T. of Louisiana

Death & Taxes Giveaway 2015

Natasha P. of Virginia

Forget You Week Giveaway 2015

Andrew R. of Texas

SINsational Holiday Giveaway 2014

Candyce R. of Connecticut

Homicide Hunter Walk On Role 2014

Diane D. of Indiana

Black Friday Watch Til You Drop Giveaway 2014

Desiree R. of Alaska

Swamp Secrets Giveaway 2014

Christina V. of New Hampshire

Stepford Wives Giveaway 2014

Sirena S. of Virginia

Just Your Luck Giveaway 2014

John B. of Wisconsin

Forget You Week Giveaway 2014

Allie G. of California

SINsational Holiday Giveaway 2013

Rhonda M. of Texas

Turkey Day Giveaway 2013

Sheryl W. of Georgia, Felecia W. of Alabama, Nora D. of California, Delicia C. of Tennessee, Matt W. of Texas

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