"Making A Murderer": Blaine Dassey Says He Lied On Stand, Now Possibly Implicates His Brother

By: Mike McPadden
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Blaine Dassey

Photo by: Fox 6 Courtroom Video (screenshot)

Fox 6 Courtroom Video (screenshot)

Blaine Dassey

MANITOWAC COUNTY, WI — Blaine Dassey, a nephew of convicted killer Steven Avery, has come forth to claim he lied while testifying in court against his uncle. The case has become well known as the subject of the popular documentary series, Making a Murderer.

In an affidavit filed last Friday, Dassey stated that his trial testimony was “not true,”specifically in regard to the height of flames he saw coming from Steven Avery’s burn barrel on October 31, 2005.

Prosecutors successfully argued that Avery and another nephew, Brendan Dassey, killed photographer Teresa Halbach and torched her remains in the barrel on that day. Blaine’s testimony contributed to the accused pairs’ convictions in two separate trials. Now, however, Blaine has changed his tune, stating:

“The police tried to pressure me into saying that the flames of the bonfire were much higher, so at trial I testified that the flames of the bonfire were 4–5 feet high, but that testimony was not true. The police put the height of the flames in my head and I agreed to it.”

In addition, Blaine claims in the affidavit that he saw his brother, Bobby Dassey, “drive a bluish or greenish vehicle” near the Avery salvage yard that day. He also says Bobby was not around the evening after Halbach vanished.

According to a report, an accompanying statement by Avery’s defense attorney Kathleen Zellner, “seems to suggest, but does not directly state” that Blaine might have seen Bobby driving Halbach’s SUV. Zellner also apparently says that other witnesses spotted the vehicle, and that the cops did not properly investigate their claims.

On top of this, Blaine stated that Bobby controlled primary access to a home computer that contained numerous images of violent, rape-and-torture-themed pornography involving women with what Zellner deems an “uncanny resemblance” to Teresa Halbach.

Steven Avery has also suggested Bobby Dassey as an alternative suspect, to no avail … so far.

At present, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are both serving life sentences for the rape, murder, and dismemberment of Teresa Halbach.

Making a Murderer: Season 2 is currently in production, as is another documentary series told from the prosecution’s point of view, Convicting a Murderer.

For more on the Steven Avery case, watch the “Reputation of Evil” episode of Investigation Discovery’s Did He Do It? on ID GO now!

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