Florida Dad Accused Of Shaking Infant To Death After Baby Defecated On Him, Cops Say

According to police, the baby allegedly suffered “abusive head trauma.”

September 27, 2019

Photo by: Mug shot of Luis Matos [Pasco County Sheriff's Office]

Mug shot of Luis Matos [Pasco County Sheriff's Office]

By: Mike McPadden

Police reportedly arrested a father in Florida for shaking his infant son in a manner that caused the baby to die, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

Tampa's WFLA-TV reports Luis Angel Matos, 24, of New Port Richey, is facing charges in connection with the death of his 45-day-old infant son. A police report obtained by the media outlet alleges Matos told officers he shook the baby after the child "defecated" on him.

Deputies said the baby was found in a crib on September 21. The infant was allegedly bleeding from the nose and unresponsive. Attempts by paramedics to revive the baby were reportedly unsuccessful.

A medical examiner reportedly determined the infant suffered "abusive head trauma leading to death." That type of injury, the medical examiner reportedly stated, is typically associated with "violent shaking with or without slamming of the head down on a mattress or other soft surface."

St. Petersburg's WTSP-TV reports Matos allegedly told deputies he was caring for the infant when the baby defecated on him. He then allegedly pressed his thumbs into the infant's chest and shook the baby for about 10 seconds before putting him back in his crib, police said.

The arrest report alleges, "The defendant acted out in a video reenactment how he willfully and intentionally caused the abusive head trauma that led to his death."

Matos allegedly told police he later noticed the baby, "making upchuck noises and breathing sporadically," WFLA-TV reported. Deputies claim Matos hadn’t checked on the child sooner because he knew the infant's "erratic breath was due to what he did to him," according to the arrest report.

Just before 4 a.m., the arrest report alleges, Matos discovered the infant unresponsive and cold to the touch. He reportedly woke his wife and she called 911. Matos' wife then reportedly attempted CPR while Matos, "went into the bathroom to comb his hair before Fire Rescue arrived," police said.

Authorities reportedly charged Matos with homicide.


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