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Stalked: Someone's Watching "The Girl Next Door"

Stalked: Someone's Watching "The Girl Next Door"

Friday April 24, 2020

This week we're focusing on neighbors who aren't so good. While you're stuck at home, these killers will make you want to appreciate the neighbors you do have. (From a safe distance...)

Kick back and start your binge with these episodes now:

See No Evil The Last Shop” - On March 29, 2016, music loving Louise Dickey is discovered brutally murdered in a bath of her own blood. With no imaginable motive for the homicide and no witnesses, detectives seek out surveillance cameras to uncover the shocking truth.

Fear Thy NeighborThere's No Place Like Hell” - Two neighboring Omaha mothers turn from friends to foes in a vicious spat, which ends with both their homes burned to the ground. But could a woman really burn down a house with innocent children sleeping inside? A wiretap reveals the real arsonist.

Stalked: Someone's Watching The Girl Next Door” - A kind-hearted fifth grader befriends the strange girl down the block. Little does she know that her good intentions will have life-altering consequences. Dr.Michelle Ward explores what happens when child's play becomes dangerous.

Solved The Rivalry” - 25-year-old waitress Corey Parker is found dead in her apartment bedroom with over 100 stab wounds to her body. After two long years of intense investigation, detectives finally zero in on a suspect. But the crafty killer knows he's being watched.

Very Bad Men Captured Alive” - When a Witt, Texas home is destroyed by fire in 2011, police are unaware that the arson investigation will soon lead them on a statewide hunt for a sexual predator.

Fear Thy NeighborWelcome to Murder Street” - An elite California Lakeside Community is rocked to its core when two well-to-do gentlemen go to war over an 18-inch property line discrepancy. One neighbor takes the dispute to new levels when he hires a hitman to permanently solve the problem.

If that's not enough, then you can watch the entire first season of Fear Thy Neighbor, completely unlocked.

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