'Web Of Lies': Online Relationships End In Fear & Murder On Investigation Discovery

The episodes reveal how easily predators can lure victims into a false sense of security by building an intimate relationship online that is built on lies.

July 16, 2019

Photo by: Web of Lies key art [Investigation Discovery]

Web of Lies key art [Investigation Discovery]

By: Catherine Townsend

In a 21st-century world, we are living our lives online more and more. In an increasingly connected world, we share everything from our vacation photos and details of what we eat to our daily interactions, deepest emotions, hopes and fears.

Our lives are played out through our computers and cell phones in front of our families, our friends — and also, millions of strangers.

The stories of deception that lead to stalking, terror, and murder are the subject of the ongoing Investigation Discovery series Web of Lies.

The barrier between the real world and the virtual world is blurring, and in some cases, disappearing entirely. It’s usually easy to ignore the nameless, faceless people who have access to our online lives. But behind the clever screen names and cute avatars lurks a dark digital world with very real dangers and risks.

From the psychopath who lured a young mother out through a dating app to the radio DJ who who got caught up in a bizarre love triangle that ended with a dead body, the stories serve as a stark reminder of the dangers of oversharing.

The episodes reveal how easily predators can lure victims into a false sense of security by building an intimate relationship online that is built on lies. But once reality shatters the illusion, the results can be deadly.

Watch the premiere of the sixth season of Web of Lies Tuesday, July 23 at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery!

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