What You Need To Know About 'Deadly Recall' Star Pat Postiglione Mar 4, 2019

By: Christine Colby

Detective Postiglione has worked on the cases of hundreds of chilling murders, including being credited with the arrests of at lea …

Rondreiz Phillips, 5, Vanished From A Louisiana Yard In April 2018 Mar 13, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

He was last seen wearing jeans, a white shirt, and yellow rubber boots, and he might respond to the nickname “Junior.”

Karlie Guse, 16, Went For A Walk Last October & Disappeared Mar 27, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

The search continues for the California teen last seen by the side of a local road.

Fatal Parking Lot Shooting May Have Been Love Triangle Murder Feb 12, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Martin Jesus Godinez was last seen driving a 2003 gold Chrysler Town and Country minivan with license plate: 5CKF285. He could be …

Did A Cover-up Let The 'Oakland County Child Killer' Walk Free? Oct 9, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

The two-part documentary explores the unsolved murder of four Detroit-area kids in the 1970s — and the possible cover-up that has …

Queens Teen, Kimberli Amaya, Went Missing On Her Way To School Feb 5, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Kimberli's mother revealed that not long after Kimberli vanished, a friend of the teen told her that, “Kimberli met someone on the …

ID Fans React To Possibly The Most WTF Episode Of 'Web Of Lies' Ever Sep 30, 2019

By: Crime Feed Staff

After the “Love at First Text” episode, viewers expressed their shock on the internet.

Death At Mile Marker 181: What Really Happened To Jaleayah Davis? Jun 17, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

It was ruled an accident, but questions still surround the 2011 car crash that allegedly killed the 20-year-old — including suspic …

Could DNA Evidence Finally Solve One Of America’s Most Infamous Killings? Jan 3, 2019

By: Aaron Rasmussen

The Sheppard murder mystery may have inspired the movie ‘The Fugitive.’

'Ted Bundy: Mind Of A Monster': New ID Show Exposes The Inner Workings Of Evil Aug 13, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Exclusive new interviews with victims’ loved ones and shocking audio of Ted Bundy himself make “Mind of a Monster” a must-see.

Harold ‘Butch’ Knight: 'I Strangled Her; She’s Dead & Laying On The Living Room Floor.' Jan 17, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

In a package sent to the victim's mother after her murder, Knight included $2,000 to cover the cost of cremating his wife, because …

Captured! Jihad Ramadan, Fled Murder Charge In 2005, Now In Custody Sep 13, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Investigators say Jihad Amir Ramadan was on the run since 2005. The U.S. Marshals say he's been wanted for murder and unlawful fli …

Rudy Fernandez Allegedly Killed The Mother Of His Daughter When He Was A Teenager Mar 13, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Rudy Fernandez, who is wanted for the alleged murder of his girlfriend, has been on the run for nearly two decades.

Colorado Babysitter Accused Of Multiple Child Rapes, Takes Off For Europe Apr 3, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Chris Deininger is wanted for abusing up to 10 victims between the ages of one and eight in Colorado; he was last seen in Switzerl …

Virginia Woman At Large For 5 Years After Allegedly Fatally Stabbing Her Mom Mar 20, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Alana Renee Cole, 45, remains at large; authorities say she should be considered dangerous.

Raymond Dean Holley, Wanted For Alleged Easter Sunday Child Sex Abuse, Captured May 24, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

He's accused of molesting two little girls in his care on Easter Sunday 2018.

Florida Man With Many Aliases Wanted For Murder, May Have Fled To Mexico Mar 13, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Suspected gang member wanted for allegedly killing man who disappeared from his home.

CAPTURED! 'Pathetic Pimp,' Detroit Man Darrick Bell, On The Run From ICE Since 2016 Aug 5, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Accused sex trafficker Darrick Bell is also known by the nicknames “Tone” and “Ghost.”

Days Before His Murder Trial For Killing His Girlfriend, Kevin 'Mike' Waguespack Fled Feb 27, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Waguespack reportedly showed up for all his required meetings until October 19. He was supposed to appear in court that day for a …

The Day Mississippi 2-Year-Old Myra Lewis Vanished From Her Front Yard Apr 3, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

The hunt continues for the Mississippi girl, who’s now seven years old, and still missing.

Missing Mom Danniella Vian Was Found Dead In A Submerged Car—How Did She Get There? Jun 27, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Inside the ongoing investigation to find out what happened in the disappearance and the tragic discovery of the 24-year-old single …

Oklahoma Grandparents Brutally Murdered, Ex-Con Grandson Remains On The Run Feb 6, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Harlon Lee Foss was last spotted in a San Francisco park and is considered extremely dangerous.

Dominique Fowler Allegedly Doused Victim With Gas & Tried to Burn Down House Feb 19, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

The U.S. Marshals ask for the public's help in tracking down this fugitive, on the run since 2017.

The Thanksgiving Weekend Murder Of Janina Jefferson & The Fugitive Who Remains At Large Aug 21, 2019

By: Michelle Sigona

Ex-con Eric Jones, 49, is wanted for killing his ex-wife in 2016; help us find him now!

In 2006, Med Student Brian Shaffer Walked Into A Bar & Was Never Seen Again Aug 2, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Security video shows the 27-year-old Ohio State University student entering the venue, but never leaving.