6-Year-Old With Incurable Cancer Sworn In As Honorary Cop To Fight Her Disease

Abigail Arias has a type of kidney cancer called Wilms tumor.

February 15, 2019

Abigail Arias being sworn in [Freeport Police Department]

Abigail Arias being sworn in [Freeport Police Department]

By: Catherine Townsend

FREEPORT, TX — A six-year-old girl from Texas who dreamed about becoming a police officer when she grew up got her wish on Thursday when she was officially sworn in as an honorary officer.

Abigail Arias has a type of kidney cancer called Wilms tumor. "The chemo and radiation hasn't worked and basically the family is now leaving it in God's hands and praying for a miracle," Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey Jr. told CNN.

"They basically said it's time to enjoy some life," her mother, Ilene Arias, told KTRK.

Her parents told the news station how hard it is to watch their daughter struggle with illness and know that there was nothing that they could do.

In December, Garivey met Abigail at the police department's "Pancakes with Santa" event. She told him that she wanted to be a police officer when she grew up.

"Her terrific smile and will to keep fighting 'the bad guys' inside of her — I wanted to make her dream come true," Garivey said. "You have to meet her to really understand what a great and inspiring young lady she is."

So the police chief reached out to a company called Cop Stop, which designed and donated a Freeport uniform specially made for for Abigail.

On the big day, Abigail was sworn in in front of police officers as well as friends and family. Garivey called the day "a magical moment for all who were in attendance."

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