Fugitive Busted After Taunting Cops On Facebook, 'Do You Guys Do Pick Up Or Delivery?'

Chloe Jones made the joke after seeing herself on a Top 10 Most Wanted list; now her smiling mug shot has gone viral.

April 15, 2019

Photo by: Mug shot of Chloe Jones [Greene County Sheriff’s Office]

Mug shot of Chloe Jones [Greene County Sheriff’s Office]

By: Mike McPadden

WAYNESBURG, PA — A Pennsylvania woman who saw herself on a local police department’s “Top 10 Most Wanted List” was arrested last week after she posted a taunting response to the sheriff’s Facebook announcement. The suspect’s smiling mug shot has since gone viral.

On March 27, Chloe Jones was named on the Greene County Sheriff’s Office “Top 10 Most Wanted List,” reportedly as a result of her failing to appear in court to face assault charges.

Last week, police say Jones saw the list on Facebook and replied with the comment, “Do you guys do pick up or delivery??” followed by four crying-laughing face emojis.

From there, Jones argued with other Facebook commenters, and claimed she had “4 active cases,” including the assault charge that stemmed from “a fight I had in jail with another girl.”

Jones further posted that she was in a hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia, and added, “I called my attorney and he said the warrant was already issued blah blah blah. So of course I'm going to laugh when I'm sitting in the hospital and get on my Facebook and see that I made #2 most wanted for something that I couldn't control."

Police subsequently tracked down Jones and arrested her in Morgantown. She was then extradited to Pennsylvania.

The sheriff’s office summed up the incident with its own sly Facebook post, writing, “Ms. Chloe Jones and her witty comments are taking a hiatus from our Facebook comments section due to the jail not having Internet for her to use.”

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