the family that slays together…


Thursday 10/9c

ID reveals the complex layers of jealousy, adultery, and vengeance that resulted in the unthinkable: a murder within a family.

Watch: Picture Perfect Family

Watch: A Floating Horror Scene

revenge is the best revenge!


New Episodes Thursdays 8/7C

An eye for an eye might leave us all blind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative when someone does you dirty, right?

Watch: Naked and Tied Up

Watch: Goomba's Guide to Revenge

jodi arias killer sex kitten


Jodi Arias Timeline

See every twist and turn in the case with our in-depth crimeline.

Crime Timeline: Amanda Knox

Crime Timeline: Jodi Arias

love thy neighbor?


Fridays at 10/9C

These stories prove you never really know your neighbors.

Watch: Girlfriend Jealousy

Watch: She Felt Guilty

secret sinister side


Sundays at 9/8c

People you would least expect to be capable of committing dark deeds.

Watch: I Did Something Bad in Reno

Watch: Boyfriend's Bloody Clothing

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Karma's A B*tch!

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4 Wives Who Went From Docile To Deadly

4 Wives Who Went From Docile To Deadly

They might look put-together and harmless on the outside, but underneath that flawless exterior there might hide the heart of a dangerous killer. The wives on this list prove that this could be the case.

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New! Crime Feed

Meet Crime Feed! Get the latest local breaking stories, covering events that are in the news now. Also, get exclusive video commentary from ID talent on the latest cases.

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What Kind of Cop Are You?

What Kind of Cop Are You?

You love watching shows about crime and investigations…this is ID after all! Have you ever wondered if you were to be an extension of the long arm of the law, where would you end up? In the field? On the road? Take this quiz to find out!

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Inspire a Difference

Inspire a Difference

Inspire a Difference, Investigation Discovery’s national public affairs campaign, was created to shed light on victims’ rights and issues of crime, and to celebrate inspirational stories, while empowering viewers to take action and make a difference for a safer tomorrow.

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